Relationship Counselling Videos

Relationship Counselling Videos

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David Deida

David Deida is the author of 'The Way of the Superior Man' which speaks of how men and women can bring back the life energy into their relationships thorough connecting to their essential masculine and feminine energies. The book is really a guide for men to embody their masculinity and so bring out their partners femininity. His approach is a bit macho american ,'I'm going to open you God !', I feel he has a good message which just needs some tempering to fit  English culture. I value the way he describes the essential masculine and feminine essence.

He's the first of sequence of videos where he introduces masculine presence.

This video shows an aspect of the feminine quality

I trained with Creative Couple Work. Nick Duffell and Helena Løvendal Sørensen from Creative Couplework ( talks about their experience on intimate relationships where one part has been unfaithful. Nick and Helena has more than 30 years experience on psychotherapy and counselling and have specialized in relationship issues.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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