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Relationship Counselling London

I offer the following services:

Marriage / Relationship Counselling

It's best to come with your partner to sort things out in your relationship. I ask you questions about each other which helps you check out if what you imagine is true for your partner is the case. It's often surprising how different your experience of your relationship can be from your partner's. When your partner has shared what they imagine you are thinking  we check out with you what they got right and if there is anything more to add.

This process of slowing things down in relationship counselling helps us to clear up misunderstandings and hurts. You have time to reflect on not only your experience, but also what you imagine your partner thinks and feels. You may discover that the energy that fuels arguments comes from hidden feelings. Once these feelings are explored and shared in relationship counselling it becomes easier to understand each other and resolve conflects

My role as your relationship counsellor is to ask you  questions that help you to explore what the issues are in  your relationship. I help you gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious  patterns from the past that are triggered in your current relationship and what you can do about them. I sometimes make suggestions to help you express what you are feeling or offer alternative perspectives to how you are seeing the situation to help you find better ways of commuicating.

The choice to come to see a relationship counsellor is in itself  a positive step to nourishing your relationship as the input of a third in your relationship eases the conflict and pressure to get it right by yourself. it shows  a commitment  to honestly look at what you are wanting in your relationship.

Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling prepares you for getting married, whether you are getting married for the first time, or making a new start. It gives you the opportunity to safely explore what your hopes and expectations are in your relationship. There's space to look at how you can be true to yourself and your needs and at the same time find ways of working together and accepting your differences.

The more you are able to freely be yourself and include yourself in your relationship, knowing that conflicts inevitably occur , the stronger you will feel together.

Individual Counselling

I see individual clients for short term work who wish to address specific relationship issues. This may be for just a few sessions typically once a week, or a number of sessions over a period of months.

Anger management

I work with people who want to learn how to manage their anger. Anger in itself is not good or bad, it's an emotion that helps us survive and indicates that there is something we need to pay attention to. Sometimes anger hides fear or vulnerability. What is important it to spend the time to understand what triggers our anger and to see what it serves. Often anger is a signal to say that our sense of safety as been threatened, that a boundary that is important to us has been crossed. When we learn to listen to the message behind the anger we can learn constructive ways of responding to the source of the anger.

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