Depression In Relationships

"Those who do not know how to weep with their
whole heart 

don't know how to laugh either."

This article argues that Prozac and it's equivalents sold under the
following brand names isn't necessarily the answer to mild depression.

Lovan,Auscap ,Depreks,Floxet ,Flunil ,Prodep ,Fludac ,Flutine ,Fluox
Fluoxetina,Foxetine,Fluzac,Fluxen ,Fontex,Ladose ,Philozac,Biozac,
Deprexetin, Fluval, Biflox, Deprexit, Sofluxen, Floxet,
Ranflutin,Flunisan, Orthon, Refloksetin, Fluoksetin ,Seronil,Zactin

"Today we view depression and all distress in a medicalized way, divorced from our personal histories
and family background, our ongoing conflicts and circumstances, and the
values of the society in which we live. Instead of doing the tough work
of self-transformation, we blame biochemistry."

Golda Meir -Reaching for Prozac .

There are different degrees of depression. If you can eat, sleep and function then sometimes it's better to avoid taking medication. Instead seek support to explore  what you are feeling and needing. Medication might temporarily make you feel better but does it deal with the underlying issues? Yes, some forms of depression are a chemical imbalance, yet more often depression is due to being out of touch with your feelings and needs. The way you and your partner relate to each other can either help  you feel connected or add to your feeling of disconnection.

Feeling down can be an isolating experience. Society gives us strong messages about not thinking and feeling too much. It's true that sometimes a distraction or holiday can change our mood. However often our feelings are trying to tell us that we need to face up to something for the sake of our well being.

Mild depression can be a form of "anger turned inwards". If you tend to judge yourself, then it's worth exploring your critical inner voice and develop strategies to break the cycle of negative thinking that generates fear that in turn generates more negative thinking. Notice if you are blaming yourself rather than addressing what you  are feeling and needing. Instead of questions like ,'What's wrong with me?' , ask what  am I  needing right now? What do I need to say to my partner? It's natural in a relationship to form strong attachment bonds with your partner.Depression can come from feeling disconnected. It's normal to be inter-dependent on each other to feel nurtured, loved and valued. If you are feeling distant and disconnected from your partner it's worth getting some support to work through things through.

Sometimes depression belongs to the relationship dynamic rather to you as an individual. Bizarre as it may seem sometimes one person in a relationship feels feelings that are magnified because their partner isn't in touch with feelings. If you tend to be the one that feels and your partner seldom expresses sadness  your  partner can't bear to be around when you are feeling sad, it's worth exploring why this is the case.

It's good to Talk. Taking the risk of speaking authentically about how you feel with your partner can help you feel connected and valued. It helps if you can remind your partner that just knowing that they care and that you can speak to them means a lot.

Medicating Mild Depression

Helen Fisher, a well known anthopologist in this interview 3.30 minutes in  talks about the effects of taking SSRI ( Seratonin suppression reuptake inhibitor) medication can have on love and romance.

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