Marriage Guidance and Relationship Counselling


Our Approach To Marriage Guidance / Relationship Counselling / Couples Counselling

We understand that it can feel like big step coming to talk about your relationship and often one partner is keen and the other is resistant. We create a safe environment where:

  • You both have time to express what you want and to  see what the issues are
  • Your partner begins to hear what you are saying and vice versa
  • You see the bigger picture of what is going on
  • You learn communication skills
  • You learn about your differences and what you both need
  • You find out what is important to you
  • You see how to bring back intimacy and loving feelings
  • You learn how to manage your emotions and look after yourself better
  • You find out how you can set limits over what you will accept and what you won't from your partner.

Weekly or Fortnightly Format

  • Come for an assessment session where we can then find times that work for you. You don't need to commit to a regular time. We can work around your other commitments.

Intensive Relationship Counselling Sessions

  • Work Intensively on your relationship
  • Attend a block of sessions in the same week

We find that working intensively in a commited way can be an effective way of focussing on issues and getting to a resolution.

So what happens in the first session?

We meet for an hour 15 minutes  . The counsellor  asks you questions about each other.

  • We explore what the issues are
  • We discover what you both want from counselling
  • There's opportunity to say what is going on for each other and find out more about your partner's feelings
  • You get to experience how we work and decide whether it feels right for you. Most couples feel a sense of relief and something beginning to change in their relationship after the first session.


Relationship Counselling - Why It's a Good Idea

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